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What is Endopeel?
Endopeel is maybe the most revolutionary Swiss technique of the XXI century in the aesthetic medicine field and plastic surgery since it is one of the most effective ways to fix skin sagging.

With Endopeel a non-surgical natural and aesthetic lifting is achieved, increasing skin and muscle tone, preserving countenance and movements. This treatment was created by the plastic surgeon Alain Tenenbaum and it's been applied in Switzerland for 13 years with amazing results.

How is it done?
It is done by the subcutaneous injection of a formula following the muscles vectors, this procedure is made with topical anesthesia and the discomfort is similar to a mesotherapy and has immediate results.

What does this technique achieve?
Endopeel achieves a virtually immediate lifting, avoiding surgery and thread lifting. It does not change countenance or gesticulations, reduces skin sagging and arise muscles.

Produces an immediate lifting of the skin and muscles and improve their tone.

Unlike Botox, Endopeel can be applied in the whole face, neck, cheekbones, nose, eyelid and gluteus. It effect is visible immediately and its final effect after 30 minutes.

This treatment has broadened the variety of options to relieve aging effects in a rapid, non-incapacitating, risk free and painless way.

El endopeel viene a dar un efecto de rejuvenecimiento natural que es lo que se está buscando:

• Sin riesgos
• Efectos inmediatos
• Respetando facciones
• No incapacitante
• Prácticamente indoloro