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Platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP, is one of the kindest anti-aging treatments since it uses biological substances made by the own body so any risk or collateral effect are avoided.

It is a restoring treatment that is applied to mature skins that show aging signs and it can be applied also to young skins as a precautionary measure or to treat the damage caused by acne or treat active acne.

With the PRP the skin's luminosity improves, gets thicker, firmer, smoother and intensify its color. Achieving what is not possible to accomplish with other treatments, which is improving skin's quality. If PRP is applied in combination with your own Stem Cells the creation of new collagen fibers, elastin and fibroblasts is boosted, this helps to recover volume from the face which is lost with aging.

How is the procedure made:
A blood sample is extracted to be centrifuged so the blood plasma is separated, which is the part of the blood that is going to used in the treatment. Once is separated, the plasma is activated, enriched and applied after asepsis with topical anesthesia, then it is appllied using mesotherapy techniques in face, neck and hands, depending on the zones to treat.

When are the results seen?
After the treatment is applied an improvement in the skin quality can be seen immediately but its effect improves even more during the next month until it reaches its final result.

It is recommended to take three consecutive applications with intervals from one to two months to achieve the best result. After those applications a period from 6 months to a year must pass in order to the treatment to be applied again.