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The rapid pace of life and the stress to which we are subjected every day, is the trigger for a large number of diseases.

Spa Onali always thinking of the welfare of people and how to counteract the effect of this stress has created packages where we can combine a well deserved rest and therapies for rejuvenation and revitalization that help to counteract the passage of time both in our appearance as in our inner vitality.

SPA Onali uses natural resources for deep relaxation.

Relaxing massage

This treatment uses traditional massage techniques that are adapted to your needs, help eliminate muscle tension, improving circulation and skin appearance, achieving total relaxation. [Learn more]

Therapeutic massage

A perfect choice for enthusiasts who like sports. [Learn more]

Masaje biomagnético

Descripción. [Learn more]

Sports massage

Aimed at sportspeople, in order to relax muscles and tendons to prevent and avoid injuries as well to accelerate the rehabilitation process. [Learn more]

Couples massage

You and your significant will enjoy an unforgettable experience at Spa Onali. [Learn more]

Aromatherapy massage

The combination of aromatherapy and massage helps to relieve stress and tension. [Learn more]

Prenatal massage

elax your sore muscles, back and legs, taking comfort while your baby enjoy it too. [Learn more]

Oriental head massage

It is the perfect solution to eliminate migraines and neck and shoulders fatigue. [Learn more]

Hot stones massage

Exchange energies between the body and the stones leads a deep state of relaxation, well-being and serenity.. [Learn more]

Foot reflexology

An ancient art of healing and wellness by connecting and balancing energy channels. [Learn more]

Lymphatic drainage

Manual lymph drainage is a form of massage that promotes the functioning of lymphatic system. [Learn more]

Physiotherapy bed

Using this table is like having a chiropractic session, muscle massage, acupressure and moxibustion at the same time. [Learn more]

Infratherapist capsule

purifies and enables a better balance to your body. [Learn more]