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It is increasingly common for patients seeking to reverse the damage caused by the natural aging process of the skin, ie, rejuvenate your skin, mainly on the face. This has resulted in the medical community of various specialties, especially aesthetic doctors, interested in new therapeutic modalities and cutting-edge technological developments to reverse or reduce part of aging.

Until recently, the only treatment option to correct facial sagging was conventional and endoscopic surgery (face lift or lifting).

Recently, doctors: Sulamanidze and Cols. They published a technique to decrease the ptosis of facial tissue with special threads. Placement is relatively simple and quick, it is performed in the office under local anesthesia.

Patient selection
Adult patients in good general health conditions of either sex, with facial sagging mild to moderate.

Advantages of thread lift procedure
• Efficiently corrects sagging and facial and neck wrinkles
• Does not alter the expression of the face
• No scars
• Not traumatic
• It is not an invasive method
• It is used in men and women with sagging skin and / or wrinkles
• It does not produce strange reactions
• No rest required
• Allows immediate return to work